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Season 8 Championship: Challenger Bracket B


Tournament completed!

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Open to OSC Elite Rewards Club Members Only!

Top 2 advance to the Championship Bracket ($100 starting prize).

YOU can help add $1 to the prizepool for FREE with code OSC8CH1 here
YOU can help add $1 to the prizepool for FREE with code OSC8CH2 here

Players should be online in our members discord server to arrange their series. Otherwise meet on NA server, Channel OSC

Club members who didn’t qualify for the Championship Bracket or Group Stage can play in either or both Challenger Brackets.

Players eliminated from Group A + B can choose to play one of Challenger #1 or Challenger #2. Not both, as due to the schedule, Group C + D eliminated players will only be able to participate in the 2nd Challenger Bracket, so otherwise would be disadvantaged.

Challenger Bracket payouts don’t stack/double up, only the players best result from either bracket will determine their Challenger prizepool payout.

Players competing in this bracket must be available to play the Championship Bracket, Lower Bracket from Sat Jan 9-Mon Jan 11th.

Final Results

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Icon medal second
Icon medal third



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