Leeroy Jenkins Cup #8

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Tournament completed!

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To participate in this tournament  you will need to join our discord server
A Complete Open Deck Selections Must be sent to Bloodyrafe#2209 via DM on Discord at least 10 minutes before Tournament Starts!

+Your discord server name will need to match your challonge account! (Remember to Check In!)

1st 75% 2nd 25% of min $40 USD. 
+ Chance to win $10 just for playing! (Random Prize to one lucky participant)

OSC points 1st-16th

Add $1 to the prizepool for free here with code LJ8

Stream :twitch.tv/oscesports

+Players registered for the $1000+ OSC Jackpot can improve their chances by playing in or winning in this tournament!

See Tournament Rules Here.

 Match Format and Rules
     - Make sure your Challonge name is the same as your OSC Discord name.
     - Specialist Decks only
     - Open Deck Selection
     - Players must send the Admin a Complete Open Deck selection of the Decks they plan
       To use during the tournaments Prior to the start of the Tournament.
      The complete Open Deck selection of the Decks are sent to Bloodyrafe#2209 via
       Discord. Player’s can use Hearthstone Deck Viewer.
     - Server  All players on the Americas Server for the start of the cup.  
     - Single elimination, Bo3, Bo5 Finals 1v1 Open Tournament  - Higher seed picks / bans their opponent first no self bans allowed.
     - Battlenet ID Tag: Players are responsible for the proper entry of their Battlenet ID.
     - All players in the tournament must be in the OSC Discord Hearthstone General chat                                              

       Before the start of the tournament, in order to be given permissions for the tournament

     - Players bring three 30 card decks to the tournament
     - All Decks must come from the same Class   
      The decks are designated as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.
     - The Primary is the main deck that you bring to the tournament.
     - The Secondary and Tertiary decks must have 25 cards found in the Primary deck, with the         
       remaining 5 been your choice.
      - Players should send a screenshot of their Open deck selection to their opponent via
        the OSC Hearthstone Discord using the Deck Selection channel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
     - This is Example of what is excepted             
     - This Example is of what is NOT excepted.
     - Players are not allowed to use Whizbang the Wonderful  and Archivist Elysiana
       They are Banned in this cup.
     - For the first game, both players must use their Primary deck.
     - Following games you are free to choose your Secondary or Tertiary decks, or continue to
       using the Primary deck.

     - A Screen shot should be taken by both players to confirm the end of match result.

     - End of match/ series result screenshots must be posted in the OSC Hearthstone                                                                                                  
       Discord using the Game results Screenshot channel, before posting win on the
     - Drops and Disconnects: Players must take a screenshot of their opponent’s
       Disconnect. Contact the admin asap. Post it in the OSC Hearthstone Discord Dispute
       channel once permission has been given.   
     - Players should always take a screenshot of anything that happened during a match.    
       eg: Bugs or a player chooses a ban pick or player leaves the challenge. Then let the
       Admin no.
       Post the screenshots in  the OSC Hearthstone Discord Dispute channel once
       permission has been given.
    - Draws The winner of the last match can change the hero, the loser of the last match
       can choose from any of the hero’s already played. However neither player can choose
       their ban hero picks. If any problems contact the Admin.

최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: OverLord2109
주목 받을 강자: lawfuldog

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